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Faculty/Staff Directory

  Name Title Group Contact
Erica Abramowicz Abramowicz, Erica Grade 4 Early Childhood Center, Elementary School, Teacher 715.723.6478
Tiffany Abramowicz Abramowicz, Tiffany Early Childhood Team Member Early Childhood Center 715.723.2161
Abigail Adams Adams, Abigail Grade 1 Primary School 715.723.5827
Kathleen Adams Adams, Kathleen Executive Administrative Assistant & Admissions Coordinator Administrative Assistants, Central Office 715.723.0538 x3301
Brendan Bauer Bauer, Brendan Phy Ed | PLTW Coach, High School, PLTW, Teacher 715.723.9126
Rebecca Beaufeaux Beaufeaux, Rebecca Art, Music Art, Music, Primary School, Teacher 715.723.5827
Thane Berg Berg, Thane Special Needs Assistant Teacher High School, Teacher
Liz Blum Blum, Liz Food Service Elementary School 715.723.6478
Erica Boehm Boehm, Erica Religion Campus Ministry, Middle School, Teacher 715.723.4777
Chad Bormann Bormann, Chad SNSP Teacher High School, Middle School, Teacher 715.723.4777
Jaynee Brannen '03 Brannen '03, Jaynee Brand Ambassador Central Office 715.723.0538
Tammy Brown Brown, Tammy Food Service Food Service, Primary School 715.723.5827
Wendy Buchmann Buchmann, Wendy Math High School 715.723.9126
Very Rev Jesse Burish Burish, Very Rev Jesse Dean of Chippewa Falls Deanery Priest
Molly Bushman '98 Bushman '98, Molly President Central Office 715.723.0538
Victoria Chartrand '20 Chartrand '20, Victoria Early Childhood Team Member Early Childhood Center 715.723.2161
Korina Colliver Colliver, Korina Early Childhood Team Member Early Childhood Center 715.723.2161
John Connell Connell, John Custodian Custodian Maintenance 715.723.5827
Nicole Cox Cox, Nicole Early Childhood Team Member Early Childhood Center 715.723.2161
Anne Dachel Dachel, Anne Art Art, Middle School, Teacher 715.723.4777
John Dachel Dachel, John Food Services Food Service
Teresa Dachel Dachel, Teresa Business Manager Central Office 715.723.0538
Deb Dahl '80 Dahl '80, Deb Grade 4 Elementary School, Teacher 715.723.5827
Kelly DeWolf DeWolf, Kelly SNSP Interventionist Elementary School
Jamie Dodge Dodge, Jamie Grade 1 Primary School 715.723.5827
Brad Donaldson Donaldson, Brad Custodian Custodian Maintenance 715.723.9126
Gwen Doyle Doyle, Gwen Religion Religion 715.723.9126
Mike Dubiel Dubiel, Mike Maintenance Technician Custodian Maintenance 715.723.9126
Barb Eckwright '84 Eckwright '84, Barb Grade 3 Elementary School, Teacher 715.723.6478
Bridget Ericksen Ericksen, Bridget Grade 4 Elementary School, Teacher 715.723.6478
Carrie Erickson Erickson, Carrie High School Math Teacher High School, Teacher
Cameron Fahrman Fahrman, Cameron IT Specialist Central Office
Laurie Francis '79 Francis '79, Laurie International Student Coordinator High School 715.723.9126
Julie Geissler Geissler, Julie Food Service Food Service, High School
Lyle Geissler Geissler, Lyle Custodian Custodian Maintenance, High School 715.723.9126
Msgr. Michael Gorman Gorman, Msgr. Michael Pastor of St. Charles Borromeo and St. Peter Elementary School, Primary School 715.723.4088
Daniel Hager Hager, Daniel Holy Ghost Custodian Custodian Maintenance, Elementary School
Paula Hanson Hanson, Paula Faith Formation Coordinator High School, Middle School, Primary School 715.723.6478
Sean Hanson Hanson, Sean Band Director High School, Middle School, Teacher 715.723.9126
Diane Hietpas Hietpas, Diane Student Support Services Coordinator Teacher 715.723.4777 x4406
Rev. Ethan Hokamp Hokamp, Rev. Ethan Chaplain Campus Ministry, Chaplain, High School, Middle School 715.723.9126
Mary Huffcutt '16H Huffcutt '16H, Mary Dean of Academic Affairs & Accreditation Central Office 715.723.0538
Jennifer Hughes Hughes, Jennifer McD Administrative Assistant Administrative Assistants, High School 715.723.4777
Shannon Jaeger Jaeger, Shannon Grade 2 Primary School, Teacher 715.723.5827
Samantha Jandourek Jandourek, Samantha Kindergarten Teacher Primary School, Teacher 715.723.2161
Gretchen Jorgensen Jorgensen, Gretchen Science Teacher High School, Teacher 715.723.9126
Aaron Kasper Kasper, Aaron Assistant Food Director Food Service
Donna Keck Keck, Donna Food Service Elementary School, Food Service, High School, Middle School 715.723.9126
Morgan King King, Morgan Middle School Science Teacher Coach, Middle School
Mary King '69 King '69, Mary English High School, Teacher 715.723.9126
Val Knobloch Knobloch, Val IT Consultant/ Media Coordinator Central Office, Technology 715.723.0538
Justin Kuehl Kuehl, Justin Teacher Middle School, Teacher 715.723.4777
Alexis Landherr Landherr, Alexis Athletic Director Athletic Director
Wendy Larson '90 Larson '90, Wendy SNSP Interventionalist Elementary School 715.723.5827
Libby Leinenkugel '94 Leinenkugel '94, Libby Advancement Director Central Office
Natalie Lilla Lilla, Natalie Early Childhood Coordinator Early Childhood Center 715.723.2161
David Luedtke Luedtke, David Custodian Custodian Maintenance 715.723.9126
Kris Malecha (Horan) Malecha (Horan), Kris Grade 2 Primary School, Teacher
Josh McCormick McCormick, Josh IT Coordinator Technology 715.723.0538
Paul McDonald '86 McDonald '86, Paul Entrepreneur Advisor High School 715.723.9126
Wayne Mercer Mercer, Wayne Custodian Custodian Maintenance 715.723.6478
Krista Misener '90 Misener '90, Krista Grade Kindergarten Primary School, Teacher 715.723.5827
Clare Nelson Nelson, Clare Marketing and Communications Coordinator Central Office 715.723.0538
Maranda Nelson Nelson, Maranda ND Administrative Assistant Administrative Assistants, Middle School
Brian Pauley Pauley, Brian Science High School, Teacher 715.723.4777
Yvonne Peterson Peterson, Yvonne Courier Food Service 715.723.6478
Mary Beth Pfeifer '87 Pfeifer '87, Mary Beth Human Resources Central Office
Julie Pomietlo Pomietlo, Julie Fine Arts, Art, AutoCAD, Engineering Art, High School, Middle School, PLTW, Teacher 715.723.9126
Nicole Pomietlo Pomietlo, Nicole Early Childhood Team Member Early Childhood Center
Shelly Retzlaff '85 Retzlaff '85, Shelly Algebra, Life Skills High School, Middle School, Teacher 715.723.9126
Frank Rineck '16 Rineck '16, Frank HS English + High School
Sandra Ringle Ringle, Sandra Interventionist High School, Middle School 715.723.9126
Jill Ritchie Ritchie, Jill Grade 6 Middle School, Teacher 715.723.4777
Kendra Rogers Rogers, Kendra Grade 5 Elementary School, Teacher 715.723.6478
Matt Rose '01 Rose '01, Matt Early Childhood Team Member Early Childhood Center 715.723.2161
Jennifer Rubenzer Rubenzer, Jennifer Math Middle School, Teacher 715.723.4777
Christian Ruf Ruf, Christian Religion Religion 715.723.4777
Adam Schilling Schilling, Adam SNSP/Interventionist Middle School
Valerie Siegenthaler Siegenthaler, Valerie Physical Education, Spanish Elementary School, Teacher 715.723.6478
Jerry Smith Smith, Jerry Elementary Vice Principal Elementary School, Primary School, Principal 715.723.5827
Scott Sokup '88 Sokup '88, Scott Controller and Facilities Manager Central Office, Custodian Maintenance 715.723.0538
Nicole Sorensen Sorensen, Nicole Early Childhood Team Member Early Childhood Center 715.723.2161
Alysia Steiger '87 Steiger '87, Alysia Classroom Assistant, Paraprofessional 4K 4K, Early Childhood Center 715.723.2161
Kari Stepp '00 Stepp '00, Kari Phy. Ed, Health Coach, High School, Middle School, Teacher 715.723.4777
Roxanne Swoboda '83 Swoboda '83, Roxanne Food Service Primary School 715.723.5827
Brittany Sykora '11 Sykora '11, Brittany Elementary Counselor Elementary School 715.723.6478
Vanessa Talford Talford, Vanessa SNSP Interventionist Primary School 715.723.5827
Peter Thoma Thoma, Peter Social Studies Middle School, Teacher 715.723.4777
Mary Travis Travis, Mary Spanish High School, Teacher 715.723.4777
Cheri Van Dyke Van Dyke, Cheri Grade 3 Elementary School, Teacher 715.723.6478
Maria Viergutz Viergutz, Maria Grade 5 Elementary School, Teacher 715.723.6478
Carolyn Volrath Volrath, Carolyn SC Administrative Assistant Administrative Assistants, Primary School 715.723.5827
Eric Wedemeyer '92 Wedemeyer '92, Eric High School and Middle School Principal Administration, High School, Middle School 715.723.5827
Julie Yohnk Yohnk, Julie Holy Ghost Administrative Assistant Administrative Assistants, Elementary School
Katelyn Ziarnik Ziarnik, Katelyn School Counseling Assistant High School, Middle School 715.723.9126