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Messages from Bishop Callahan

Diocese of La Crosse                           
3710 East Avenue South
P.O. Box 4004                                       
La Crosse, WI 54602-4004

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Catholic Life Magazine

     Chippewa Valley GRACE

Guided by Faith to Renew, Assist, Communicate, Encourage
Chippewa GRACE is a group of Catholic laity and clergy in the Chippewa Falls, Wisconsin area who seek healing and renewal from the scourge of sexual abuse on the part of clergy and others in the Church.

   1. Understanding Trauma & Its Effects Recording from Tuesday, April 27, 2021 

Presenters: Dr. Stephen Saunders & Dr. Jim Richter
Trauma is all around us, and it can effect any individual. Dr. Stephen Saunders guides us through: what is trauma, the different types of traumas, and effects of traumatic experiences. Reactions to trauma can vary in degree from person to person and by the traumatic event. Dr. Saunders gives suggestions how we can be more trauma-sensitive. Dr. Jim Richter, survivor of clergy abuse, share how trauma has effected his life.

Teaching the Way of Love 
Parenting with the heart of Christ. Gain confidence to parent at any age at any stage.

     Weekly biblical reflections. This resource is designed to give you the confidence to embrace your role as the first educator of your children. 

     TWL Newsletter

Thank you to our supporting parishes for their years of support of Catholic education in the Chippewa Falls Deanery.

All Saints Parish and St. Joseph Catholic School
226 E Third Ave
Stanley  WI  54768
Rectory 715.644.5435
School 715.703.1034‎

Holy Cross Parish
107 S Eighth St
Cornell  WI  54732
Rectory 715.239.0196

Church of the Holy Ghost
412 S Main St
Chippewa Falls  WI  54729
Rectory 715.723.4890
School 715.723.6478

The Church of Notre Dame
117 Allen St
Chippewa Falls  WI  54729
Rectory 715.723.7108

The Church of the Sacred Heart of Jesus
13989 195th St
Jim Falls  WI  54748
Rectory 715.382.4422

St. Anthony Parish
13981 250th St
Cadott WI 54724
Rectory 715.239.6826

St. Bridget Parish
2801 N 110th Ave
Chippewa Falls  WI
Rectory 715.723.4890

St. Charles Borromeo Parish
810 Pearl Street
Chippewa Falls  WI  54729
Rectory 715.723.4088

St. John the Baptist Parish
4518 State Hwy 40
Bloomer  WI  54724
Rectory 714.568.3778

St. Paul Parish and St. Paul Catholic school
1222 Main St
Bloomer  WI  54724
Rectory 715.568.3255
School 715.568.3233

St. Peter the Apostle and St. Peter Catholic school
11358 County Hwy Q
Chippewa Falls  WI  54729
Rectory 715.723.4088
School 715.288.6250

Bishop William Callahan

There is a River - Blog 

Weekly Radio Message
La Crosse Diocese Bishop William Callahan

Chippewa Falls Deanery
Parish Abbreviations
used for celebrations throughout the year Mass times and dates

Chippewa Falls
HG - Holy Ghost
ND - Notre Dame
SC - St. Charles Borromeo

AS - All Saints: Boyd, Cadott & Stanley
HC - Holy Cross, Cornell
SH - Sacred Heart, Jim Falls
SA - St. Anthony, Drywood
SB - St. Bridget, Springfield
SJ - St. John, Cooks Valley
SPB - St. Paul, Bloomer
SPT - St. Peter, Tilden