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     System School Calendar (pdf)
     Weather - School Cancellation Policy (pdf) 
     School Logo Wear (online store)
           Deadline to order was August 31. Order to come in week of Sept. 23

Family Newsletters 2019-20

School Supply List
     St. Charles Borromeo Primary School (pdf)
     Holy Ghost Elementary School (pdf)
     Notre Dame Middle School (pdf)
     McDonell Central Catholic High School (pdf)

Parent and Student Handbooks
    All schools handbook webpage 

Learning Resources
Atomic Learning     |     IXL Learning, Inc. (NDMS Only)

    Medication Form

Volunteer Forms (hand in at the end of each quarter)
     Volunteer School Verification (pdf)

     Volunteer Catholic Parish Verification  (pdf)

School Enrollment Information
     2018-19 Enrollment

Athletic forms for all levels (complete before student's first day of practice)

Safe Environment (complete before volunteering)
    Safe Environment Instructions (pdf)

    Parent Verification Training (pdf)

    Basic Background Check (pdf)   |   Confidental Questionaire (pdf)

    Red Book  |   Green Book   |   Safe Environment Video

Free and Reduced Lunch
     Parent Letter with FAQ  |  How to Apply  |  Lunch Cost  |  Application Form

Tuition Tax Deduction Information:
Private School Tuition Deduction (Wis. Stat. s. 71.05(6)(b)49) for your taxes.
Use Schedule PS to send in with your state tax form.

Information needed to complete Schedule PS:

1.  Amount paid in tuition.
The State of Wisconsin does not require the school system to provide you with a form stating what tuition was paid in the calendar year. Please look through your paperwork (check stubs, etc.) to determine what amount you paid in tuition for each child to the school from January 1, 2018 through December 31, 2018. 

2.  Official name, address and FEIN:

McDonell Area Catholic Schools, Inc.
1316 Bel Air Blvd.
Chippewa Falls, WI 54729-1908

School FEIN number: 39-1032800

The Schedule PS will define for you what is tuition and examples of what is not tuition.

529 Plan
Did you know that 529 college savings plans can now be used to pay for qualifying K-12 private education costs? 

     Click here for more information.

Check with your tax professional to see whether this could be a helpful strategy for you.