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View all YouTube announcements with senior spotlights at the bottom of this page.

The school office is closed for the summer and will reopen Monday, August 10.  Please call the MACS Central Office at 715-723-0538 for assistance.
Enjoy the summer break!

Please pray for: All MACS students and staff.

     First Quarter Honor Roll (pdf)

     Second Quarter Honor Roll (pdf)

     Third Quarter Honor Roll (pdf)

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     School Calendar

You Tube School Daily Announcements with Senior Spotlights
     040920 Olivia Mlsna

     041420 Anthony Roach
     041520 Jon Larson
     041620 Tori Chartrand
     041720 Kaleigh Ripley

     042020 Andrew Herron
     042120 Kendren Gullo
     042220 Irene Loriga and Bheem Pongsukvenchkul
     042320 Lexi Johnson
     042420 Kristin Swoboda

     042720 Abi Pieper
     042820 Annemarie Rider
     042920 Joey Thaler
     043020 Rachel Smiskey

050120 Nathan Reineke

     050420 Eion Kressin
     050520 Mark Buchmann
     050620 Kenny Walter
     050720 Haley Rawhouser
     050820 Adam Thalacker

     051120 Amelia Gaier
     051220 Shanen Rice
     051320 Trent Witkowski
     051420 Laura Avila Soberon and Quan Do "Q"
     051520 Caleb Thornton

     051820 Luke Schemenauer
     051920 Phuree 'Barry' Fongsamootr
     052020 Brenden Lannue and Camilla Gentili
     052120 Mason Swoboda and Yang Luo “Koro”
     052220 JD Bohaty


Mr. Schulner

Brian Schulner 

Lou Tozer
Administrative Assistant

McDonell Central Catholic
High School

(Grades 9-12)
1316 Bel Air Blvd.
Chippewa Falls, WI

School Phone
715.723.9126 x2200

Office Hours
Monday through Thursday:                  7:30 AM - 4:00 PM          Friday:                                   7:30 AM - 3:30 PM

School Hours
7:50- 3:30 PM