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Denny Laramy MACS Unsung Hero

by: Steve Roesler, MACS Teacher & Coach
McDonell Central Catholic High School

Denny Laramy was chosen as McDonell’s unsung hero for 2019 but his acts of service range well beyond the walls of McDonell and the year 2019. He started his life of service in 1954 when he served four years in the Air Force. The bulk of Denny’s service life was spent as a coach for Notre Dame Middle School, McDonell High School, Chi Hi, and Cadott.

He began as a middle school coach at Notre Dame for football in 1959 and then journeyed to McDonell as a part of the football staff that took McDonell to a place in the WISAA State Football Championship game. He was also the head boys basketball coach for McDonell in the 60’s. Beginning on the 1980’s he began a head coaching stint at McDonell for Girls Basketball and Softball and coached Golf as well. It was during this time that he gained his teaching certificate and began a teaching career in Social Studies and Phy Ed. at Notre Dame Middle School. He then spent some time at Chi Hi and Cadott coaching Girls basketball at Chi Hi and Football at Cadott.

All during this time he officiated football, basketball, baseball, and softball. He continued that calling until recently.

His most recent service is at McDonell. For the last forty years he has saved our Athletic Directors uncounted hours by securing officials for football, basketball, baseball, softball, and volleyball. He made phone calls the night before to officials to make sure they were on the same page for times of contests. He also took tickets for WIAA soccer, baseball, and softball games.

Also for the last thirty - five years he has helped set up and open up for football and basketball games - both Varsity and JV. This past year he was asked to open up and supervise varsity volleyball matches at McDonell as we did not have a full time Athletic Director. His only question was quintessential Denny - “What time do you need me”

If you attended any of those McDonell events you knew Denny was there because of his friendly and distinctive voice. You could recognize him at contests because he also took to dressing for the seasons. During the Football and Basketball seasons - Badger, Packer, and Bucks gear was on display. During Christmas time he wore St. Nick hats and even some costumes that used Christmas lights. He used to wear St. Louis Cardinals Baseball hats and sweatshirts, but recently, especially last year, we haven’t seen much of that St. Louis gear.

When you think about the vocations of teaching, coaching, and officiating, and helping secure officials then you know that those vocations are defined by the word service. Denny Laramy’s life exemplifies that word. He did those things because he cared about kids and people. There is no greater gift.

Denny Laramy - The very deserving recipient of the 2019 Unsung Hero Award.


Denny Laramy
Denny Laramy
MACS Unsung Hero

Denny was recognized on May 1, 2019 at the Chippewa Falls Area Chamber of Commerce 34th Annual Excellence in Education Banquet.