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Campus Ministry

The campus ministry program at MACS provides numerous opportunities for students in both middle and high school, inside and outside of the school day. All the campus ministry opportunities are geared towards the students in order to better foster their personal and spiritual growth through different groups and activities. 

Prayer and Spiritual Direction
Each day, the McDonell community takes the time to pray together numerous times. Every school begins the day in prayer together and prays a meal prayer before lunch. At the McDonell/Notre Dame building, they join together in prayer at noon to pray the Angelus (or Regina Caeli in the Easter Season). At the start of each week, each school gathers together to center themselves on Christ and receive a common message to help every student and staff member live out their faith that week. 

Small Groups and Events
High School: Small Groups
Small groups for high school men and women are established by the campus ministry team and other staff members to serve the spiritual growth needs of the students. These take on various forms based on topics of interest and need. These groups are held anywhere from weekly to monthly to allow for students’ changing schedules and interests. 
Middle School Youth Nights
EDGE: our middle school youth program is available to all NDMS students who want to attend. EDGE nights vary, incorporating gym time, talks, prayer and small groups, and a mix of these elements. They are nights meant to engage students in a particular topic and help them to live the truths in their daily lives.



Father Alex Kren

Michael Van Hemert Campus Ministry