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St. Vincent De Paul

This award is given each year to one eighth grade and one senior student ambassador, who have represented our schools exceptionally well by being reliable, very supportive, always friendly, and exemplifying the real spirit of community service. These students have gone above and beyond what has been expected of them. With this recognition, Jerry and Mary Jacobson will make a donation, in the student ambassador’s name, to the St. Vincent de Paul Endowment Fund at the Community Foundation of Chippewa County. Money in the form of grants from this endowment goes to support the same philosophy and mission that our program does…youth groups providing community service and reaching out to those in need.  By doing this, their unselfish acts will have a continuous effect on others in the community.

Past Recipients 
2021-22: Senior Paige Smiskey and eighth grader Delaney Smiskey
2020-21: Senior Rachel Eisenreich and eighth grader Sophia Schmidgall
2019-20: Awards not available this school year. 
2018-19: Senior Annabelle Abbe and eighth grader Sammy Vallejos Duque
2017-18: Senior Megan Baier and eighth grader Jon Fischer
2016-17: Senior Samuel Zwickel and eighth grader Hanna Vallejos Duque
2015-16: Senior Maggie Meinen and eighth grader Caleb Thornton
2014-15: Senior Rebekah Heidtke and eighth grader Oliver Shakal
2013-14: Senior Nicholas Amelse and eighth grader Abby Opsal
2012-13: Senior Rose Buchmann and eighth grader Samuel Zwickel
2011-12: Senior Laura Kopp and eighth grader Anna Rocque
2010-11: Senior Carrie Anders and eighth grader Alison Schwetz
2009-10: Senior Ali Ebben and eighth grader Nicholas Amelse
2008-09: Senior Kelsey Pruitt and eighth grader Shannon Globensky
2007-08: Senior Kelsie Redinger and eighth grader Tricia Heidtke
2006-07: Senior Erica Rubenzer and eighth grader Angie Reiter
2005-06: Senior Amanda Tanzer and eighth grader Ali Ebben