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In alignment with our mission and vision, McDonell Area Catholic Schools’ (MACS) excellence in academics is more than meeting academic standards and test scores. We strive to help develop excellence in the whole child: mind, body, spirit, and community.

We take seriously our opportunity and responsibility to help develop and nurture each and every child’s God given gifts and abilities. MACS teachers are committed to the profession of teaching. In partnership with Saint Mary’s University in Minnesota, many of our teachers have earned or are working toward their master’s in education. Over 65% of our teachers have a master’s degree and all are active in collaborating in professional learning communities.

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Our schools work to ensure students are excellent communicators through the development of authentic literacy/writing and high level thinking.

McDonell Area Catholic Schools has a reputation for academic excellence that has drawn families for generations since 1881 when the School Sisters of Notre Dame arrived.


Abby Wampler
Creative Writing
Block 4
Any Poems

People Books

People are like books
When you get to know people
You find many different parts,
Many different qualities

People are like books
You should never judge someone by their looks
You get excited, nervous
And sometimes even scared
When you read people

People are like books
We are all just waiting-
Waiting, to be read by someone new
Someone who finds our story beautiful,
New, adventurous, and exciting!
We want to find someone who loves our story