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Education Commission

Purpose of the Education Commission
The Commission is established by the Chippewa Falls  Dean to assist him and MACS President through consultation in the governance of the education program.

Education Commission Bylaws

Approved Meeting Minutes (all pdf)

     August | September | October | November | December | January | February | March | April | May 

August | September | October | November | December | January | February | March | April 

Governing Board Meeting Dates Notification                                                                                       The McDonell Area Catholic Schools Education Commission is available two times a year for students or parents currently attending or applying to MACS for the following school year. This time is specifically set aside for students and parents to meet and communicate with the members of the governing body. The first listening session for the 2023-24 school year was Thursday, October 19, 2023 and the second listening session is scheduled for Thursday, May 16, 2024, 5:00 p.m.-5:30 p.m. in the Notre Dame/McDonell library. There is no need to RSVP and you may show up at this time with your questions or comments. The next available listening session after the May meeting will be October 2024.

Collaborative responsibilities include:
Long Range Planning
Policy Formation
Finance, Facilities, and Technology
Advancement and Public Relations
Setting and evaluating annual Commission goals
Consultation and Information Sharing

MACS Administrators - Ex-Officio
Mrs. Molly Bushman, President
Mrs. Mary Huffcutt, Dean of Academic Affairs and Accreditation
Very Rev. Jesse D. Burish, Dean of Chippewa Falls Deanery
Mr. Scott Sokup, Controller 
Mr. Eric Wedemeyer, Middle-High Principal
Mr. Jerry Smith, Elementary Principal

Relationship with other groups:
Administrators (President, Vice President, Principal(s), Directors of Parish Religious Education)
Central Office Staff
Parish Pastoral Council(s)
Parish Finance Council(s)
Parent Organization(s)
La Crosse Diocese

2023-24 Priests residing within Chippewa Falls
Very Rev. Jesse D. Burish, Chippewa Falls Deanery Dean, Church of the Holy Ghost & St. Bridget & Notre Dame
Rev. Brandon Guenther, Deanery Clergy Representative, Church of the Holy Ghost & St. Bridget & Notre Dame
Chaplain, Rev. Alex Kren, Associate Pastor of St. Charles Borromeo & St. Peter the Apostle
Msgr. Michael Gorman, St. Charles Borromeo & St. Peter the Apostle

     All supporting parishes


The commission meets the third Thursday of the month with the exception of July. Meetings start at 5:30 p.m. in the McDonell Library/Media Center.

To address the commission please give a 20 day notice.
715.723.0538 x3301

Andy Shakal
St. John the Baptist  Bloomer  

Vice Chairperson
Chad Brady
Holy Ghost
Chippewa Falls

Tamara Bahaty
Holy Cross                      Cornell                                       

Erin Brick
Holy Ghost                  Chippewa Falls

Mike Crawford '88
Notre Dame                Chippewa Falls

Matt Elstran
Notre Dame                Chippewa Falls

Scott Siegenthaler
Notre Dame                Chippewa Falls

Justus Busse
St. Charles Borromeo Chippewa Falls

Regina (Regi) Geissler
St. Charles Borromeo Chippewa Falls

TJ Proue '02
St. Charles Borromeo   Chippewa Falls

Victoria Silvas                      St. Paul

Diane Herron                        St. Peter the Apostle

Tracy Bormann
St. Bridget                Springfield

Brian Eslinger
All Saints Parish            Stanley

Open Position
Sacred Heart                        Jim Falls

Frederick Blair

 Ben Siegenthaler