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Safe Environment

Student safety and security is a top priority at McDonell Area Catholic Schools. In collaboration with the Diocese of La Crosse Protect and Heal program, the MACS Safe Environment Task Force has compiled information and resources for the members of our community here:

Safe Environment Resources

MACS Safe Environment training provides a process and resources that seek to prevent abuse from taking place in our school community and assists in protection and healing for abuse victim-survivors when necessary. All MACS community members are provided annual training, which is mandatory for employees and volunteers who work with children. Additionally, we invite you to peruse our resources for more information about how to report an incident or support a victim-survivor. Together and by God’s grace, we can protect our children and heal from past abuses.

A Prayer for Healing and Reconciliation

Almighty and most loving God, through your Son,

your compassion brought healing to many.

We ask for your healing once more

for all who have been profoundly wounded by abuse,

especially those who have been hurt by your ministers.

In your goodness,

we ask for the grace

to be a source of healing

to all who have been abused

and to be ever vigilant

in protecting all your people.

Grant, we pray,

our prayers for healing and forgiveness,

for we ask them through your Son,

Christ our Lord. Amen