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The McDonell Area Catholic Schools hold the academic performance of our students in high regard. Our schools have been accredited for many years. Our first accreditation actually was in the year 1894 when the Notre Dame Sisters reached out to the University of Wisconsin to evaluate our education and stamp us with the approval of excellence in education.

McDonell Area Catholic Schools is accredited through WRISA. Wisconsin Religious and Independent Schools Accreditation (WRISA) is a nonprofit organization formed in 1991 by the Wisconsin Council of Religious and Independent Schools to provide non-public schools with an ongoing school improvement process.

WRISA's three phase accreditation process provides school communities with the opportunity to explore every aspect of their school program, receive valuable feedback from a team of impartial professional educators, and develop a long range plan using the WRISA framework. Once accredited, schools file an annual report documenting that they are in compliance with the WRISA Standards and that they have made progress on their long range plan.

     Wisconsin DPI Report Card for Private and Public Schools within Chippewa Falls. Click on private.


WRISA Accreditation

WRISA is a state chapter of the National Federation of Nonpublic School State Accrediting Associations which is recognized by the College Board and the Office of Non-Public Education, an office within the U. S. Department of Education.
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