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McDonell Area Catholic Schools encourage you to dedicate some time this year to our schools and our students.

Why is volunteering so important?
All of our families are asked to give the gift of their time and talents by volunteering a minimum of 30 hours per school year. The benefits of volunteering include:

Volunteer time = $$ for our schools. Many grant applications for free money requires information on how many hours our parents give back to the schools.

Our children benefit because volunteers allow us to expand the hours that the computer labs, libraries, and other areas in our school are open for them to use.

Volunteers spend quality time with other parents and staff at our fundraising events.  This promotes the strong sense of family that we have here at MACS. We know each other and our children – we are connected.

Please give the gift of your volunteer time and to use SignUp whenever possible. Please document any miscellaneous hours (like library, chaperoning, etc.) you donated. Have it signed by the teacher or school secretary.  These two methods are our documentation for grant purposes.

Did you know that we will accept your volunteer time at your parish toward the 30 hour commitment? We simply ask that you give some time to our two largest school fundraisers, Spaghetti Spectacular and Mardi Gras, and the remainder of your time can be given to your parish if you so choose.

Thank you for your gifts and for choosing Catholic education for your family.

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Jaynee Brannen

Libby Leinenkugel '94
Director of Advancement