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Mack Messenger

The Mack Messenger is published twice a year Winter-Spring (annual report issue) and Summer-Fall. Enjoy the latest addition. Alumni send us your shout-outs, classnotes and stories to

Mack Messenger Summer Fall 2017

     2017 Summer/Fall Issue (pdf)

In the printed version of the Mack Messenger Summer/Fall 2017 issue class notes we have incorrectly identified Elizabeth 'Betty' Wucherpfennig of Chippewa Falls who passed away in March 22, 2017 with a McDonell Alumni Elizabeth 'Betty' Wucherpfennig Ryan, class of 1955. Mrs. Betty Ryan sends a shout-out to all her classmates she is alive and doing well! A correction will be published in the Mack Messenger Winter/Spring 2018 issue. We sincerely apologize to Mrs. Ryan.
- The Class of 1968 will be holding their 50th class reunion on August 18, 2018. In the printed version of the Mack Messenger it is incorrectly stated as August 8, 2018. Thank you.  - Cathy Greenseth, Mack Messenger Editor

Mack Messenger Winter Spring Issue


   2017 Winter/Spring Issue (pdf)



Mack Messenger Summer - Fall 2016


     2016 Summer/Fall issue (pdf)



Mack Messenger Annual Report Issue

     2016 Winter/Spring issue (pdf)