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Scrip News 
Planning ahead is always a good thing! Purchase Scrip for your holiday baking and goodies, stocking stuffers and extra little items. There always seems to be another person that you want to remember at this time of year. So, make your list and buy the gift that allows the receiver to pick out what they like - Scrip gift cards! Then check your list twice!

All Scrip ordering should be planned by the morning of Monday, December 18 to ensure delivery by Christmas. The MACS Scrip office is open from 7:30-4:30 daily, and open late until 6:00 pm every Thursday. Reference all the national stores at for a complete list you can order through the our office

The MACS Central Office will be closed Mondays, December 25 and January 1.

Thank you for your support of the Scrip fundraising program and Catholic education!
Kathy Adams, Scrip Coordinator 


What is Benefit Mobile? 

We have partnered with Benefit Mobile as a fundraising solution for the Scrip program. Benefit Mobile is a FREE iPhone or Android phone app that can be used to pay for your everyday purchases such as groceries, clothes, home goods and more. You can pay onsite at the store or online. A percentage of your purchase goes directly back to MACS. Retailers include Amazon, Target, Starbucks, Buffalo Wild Wings, Walmart and many more! Download the app and add McDonell Area Catholic Schools as your beneficiary to start giving. Find more information in the app or at Share the app with family and friends out of the area and the state! 

What is Scrip? 
Scrip is the easiest and largest ongoing fundraiser at McDonell Area Catholic Schools. Scrip is business gift cards purchased from local and national businesses who sell them to MACS at a discounted rate. For instance, when you purchase a $25 Scrip card from one of our retailers, you receive a card worth $25 but the school purchased them at a discounted rate (ranging from 2% to 10%). The difference is considered profit for the school. By simply replacing the way you buy gas and groceries with gift cards, you will help the school, children in our school system, as well as future families.
How does Scrip help my family?
The difference between the face value of your Scrip and the price MACS paid for it is considered profit. Out of the 100% profit, 50% goes to the school to help with the budget with the other 50% going into a holding account for your family. The total balance of your account for that calendar year will go toward your tuition for the following year. The Scrip purchasing dates are July 1st through June 30th.
Where can I purchase Scrip?

1. Purchase Scrip in the MACS Central Office located in the McDonell Central Catholic High School building. Use visitor parking in the lot and use our main entrance door 13. 

     MACS Current Order Form (pdf)

     National Scrip to Order  Write your choices of national Scrip on our form to bring into the Central Office to order on Monday mornings. We will have them by Wednesday or Thursday of the same week. 

2. You can also purchase/order at parish weekend Masses through one of our participating parishes: Church of the Holy Ghost, The Church of Notre Dame, St. Charles Borromeo Parish, Sacred Heart of Jesus in Jim Falls, and St. Peter the Apostle in Tilden.

3. Scrip orders can also be sent with students each morning to their school and the courier service will deliver to the Central Office. Once the office has filled the order, it is sent back through the courier to the child. Look for the filled order the same afternoon or the next day with student.

Who can purchase Scrip?
Anyone and everyone can purchase Scrip whether you have children enrolled at MACS or not. Grandparents, aunts, uncles, friends of families, neighbors – anyone can purchase Scrip and designate a current or future family to receive the credit or designate all the proceeds go to MACS.

How does Scrip help the school?
Scrip is a major fundraiser to help our school system balance the budget. We rely on the sales of the gift cards to help keep our tuition low and our classrooms supplied.

We sincerely thank you for helping us make our Scrip program a success each and every year.
Ms. Kathy Adams
Ms. Kathy Adams
Scrip Coordinator

715.723.0538 x3301

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