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Prayer Requests

If you have a particular prayer intention you would like the MACS community to pray, please share your request in this space provided, or you may call 715.723.0538. We give thanks to our God, who is merciful!

  • Safety and Protection For Son
    submitted by Carol on 9/13/2018 at 05:40 AM CST
    My son is in a very dangerous situation. Please pray for God to keep him safe and protect. Also that he will not ever be forced to leave school or to leave home, that he will be allowed to stay in school and finish school, and to remain at his home, and that God will send angels to help him. Also that God will give him wisdom in dealing with this situation, and will draw him close to him.
  • Darla Eadie
    submitted by scott sokup on 9/6/2018 at 03:11 PM CST
    Please pray for Darla Eadie, she has been struggling with an chronic illness, and they have finally found a diagnosis. Please pray for her to have comfort and healing, and for her doctors to be able to find a treatment plan to give her some quality of life back.
  • family/relationship
    submitted by Cheryle Givehchi on 9/3/2018 at 10:43 PM CST
    Please guide me and help me find a solution for my daughter’s situation. Please keep her and her children safe. Help Shirantha to open his heart and not follow through on his rash and impulsive ideas. Open his heart so that he can find and accept God. Please put a containment barrier around all of the negativity, show them God’s light and love but allow no harm to me or my family. Please heal my arthritis so I can move and walk again without the severe chronic pain and help me find self-discipline to lose my excess weight. Protect me, my family and my animals from all of the negativity attacking us right now. It is affecting our home life, work life and our health. Please help Tayah with her health, help Joe get a state job and help Charity and her dogs find a place to live and please help Charity to find a job and her way back to God. Please help me find a good loving home for Coco. Please give us the courage and strength and clarity to find the right solution, your solution. Amen
  • Thanksgiving for Answered Prayers
    submitted by Resmi C. Gomez on 8/31/2018 at 08:54 AM CST
    Our Father in Heaven, Our Lord Jesus Christ, O Great Holy Spirit, O Holy Trinity One Holy God, we give Thee thanks for answering all our prayers. May God bless Jason Allen Alexander and may God provide him a lot of graces for helping me. May God bless the Catholic priests, nuns, and prayer teams who prayed. Thanks for praying.