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First You, Then Me

Eight students from Notre Dame Middle School and McDonell Central Catholic High School were recognized at the end of the first quarter of this school year with the “First You, Then Me” student ambassador award. Mrs. Jacobson, the student ambassador program coordinator, selected the students. She states, “This school year started in the summer with many of the ambassadors volunteering at numerous locations. Typically, I don’t take requests for service or ask the students for help over the summer, so they can have a well-deserved break. Most of these students being recognized volunteered numerous times over the summer. Additionally, they have continued to prove their dedication and willingness to serve into the school year, even now when their schedules have gotten even busier. Individually and collectively, they have made tremendous contributions in our schools and community, serving with respect, maturity, dedication and joy.”

The first quarter awards were given to:
  • Grade 7 Ann David, daughter of Blane & Renee David
  • Grade 7 Chase Berg, son of Greg Bowe & Lori Berg
  • Grade 7 Hanna Vallejos Duque, daughter of Manuel Vallejos & Marylan Duque
  • Freshman Emmaliese Normand, daughter of Ryan & Renee Normand
  • Sophomore Megan Baier, daughter of Randy & Debbie Baier
  • Junior Samuel Zwickel, son of Thomas & Susan Zwickel
  • Senior Maggie Meinen, daughter of David & Diane Meinen
  • Senior Molly Schwandt, daughter of Daniel & Kathy Schwandt

These awards are given out to the students in the ambassador program who have been exceptional in their service in the areas of being punctual, reliable, resourceful, respectful, and putting out extra effort.

“This is the first time that I had a hard time choosing only six or seven students. These seven students have been consistently volunteering and doing their jobs well.  Many others in the program have also started the year off really well. There seems to be a renewed spirit, additional energy and improved commitment with this year’s ambassadors. That makes this recognition even more meaningful. They shine above the others in a large group of other very committed and generous students.”  - Mrs. Jacobson

The MACS Student Ambassador Program, which is available to all MACS students in the 7th through 12th grades, is currently in their eleventh year of serving their schools, parishes and community. They have consistently recorded well over 1,000 hours of service each year since it began. Over the years, in addition to many commitments in the MACS schools, they have volunteered for St. Joseph’s Hospital, the Heyde Center, the Chippewa Falls Public Library, Feed My People Food Bank, Agnes Table, Irvine Park, Boys & Girls Club, the Red Cross, Special Olympics, Catholic Charities and Salvation Army.