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This season of Advent we wait in joyful hope

Dear Parent/Guardian and Student, 
Next Thursday, December 14, we will be having confessions here at school for all of the Notre Dame and McDonell Central students. 

On that day, the students will gather in the auditorium where Fr.Miller will explain the Rite of Penance to the students, introduce the various priests, and then confessions will start. 
Fr. Miller, our school chaplain has asked that the following information be forwarded to the students to help them prepare for confession.  

I. I am the Lord your God. You shall not have strange gods before me. 
Do I give time every day to God in prayer? 
Do I put my trust in superstitions, good luck charms, rather than God alone? 
Have I rejected any Church teaching or denied that I was a Catholic? 
II. You shall not take the name of the Lord your God in vain. 
Have I used the words “God” or “Jesus” in anger or irreverently? 
Have I used foul or ugly language? Have I wished evil on another? 
III. Remember to keep holy the Lord’s day. 
Have I missed Mass on Sunday or any holy day of obligation? 
Do I arrive at church late or leave early? 
Do I try to be reverent and pay attention during Mass? 
Do I avoid unnecessary work on Sunday? 
Do I make Sunday a day of prayer or rest? 
IV. Honor your father and your mother.
Do I respect and obey my parents? 
Have I dishonored or mistreated them by word or deed? 
Am I willing to help around the house or must I be nagged a hundred times? 
Do I try to get along with my brothers and sisters? 
Am I a tattletale or bully? 
Do I give a good example, especially to younger siblings? 
Do I respect others in authority? (e.g. priests, teachers, principal) 
V. You shall not kill. 
Do I beat up others or hurt their bodies? 
Do I say cruel things, or make fun of others to hurt their feelings? 
Do I say mean things about others behind their backs? 
Have I stopped speaking to anyone? 
Do I encourage others to do bad things? 
Do I try to love all people, born and unborn? 
VI. You shall not commit adultery. 
Do I treat my body and other people’s bodies with purity and respect? 
Do I look at television shows, movies, or pictures that are bad? 
Am I modest in my speech and the clothes I wear? 
VII. You shall not steal. 
Have I taken things that were not mine from a store or another person? 
Have I destroyed or misused another person’s property for fun? 
Do I return things that I borrow and in good condition? 
VIII. You shall not commit false witness against your neighbor. 
Am I honest in my school work? 
Do I tell lies to make myself look good? 
Do I tell lies to protect myself from punishment? 
Do I tell lies that make another person look bad or get them in trouble? 
IX. You shall not covet your neighbor’s wife. 
Do I allow my parents to spend time with one another, or do I get jealous and want them to pay attention only to me? 
Do I get mad when I have to share my friends? 
Are there kids I will not play with or be mean to because they look different? 
X. You shall not covet your neighbor’s goods. 
Am I jealous or envious of the things or abilities that others have? 
Am I thankful to God and my parents for what they have given me? 
Do I share the things I have with my family, friends and poor people?

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