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MACS Celebrates

MACS Celebrates 140 years


Thank you to our Platinum and Corporate Sponsors

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MACS Celebrates Winners: 

 The Private Concert with Chris Kroeze was Michelle Retzlaff, the $1000 winner was Alyssa Cooley and $500 Lori Grant. Bucket raffle winners were: Crossbow Package - Chelsey Lindenberg, Kayak Package - Greg Misfeldt, Gift Card Tree #1 - Rolly Enderes, One Fest & 29 Pines Package - Molly Bushman, NWSF Hairball VIP - Pat Gray, NWSF Kids from Wisconsin - Karla Sokup, Gift Card Tree #2 - Rick Misfeldt, Cross Fit & Cook Chiropractic Fitness Package - Rolly Enderes, YMCA Membership & Wellness gift cards - Daniel Wollmer, Blackstone Griddle Package - Kathleen Adams, Chippewa Store & Chippewa Distrillary Pkg - Michelle & Mike Deetz, Dinner hosted and catered by Paul and Edie McDonald - Daniel Wollmer, Grill and Beer Pkg - Kathy Cook.

Congratulations to all the winners.