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Referral Program

Thank you to our current MACS families, our biggest cheerleaders, for referring new families to MACS! For every new student you successfully refer, your oldest child and the new student may receive a tuition credit.  

It's as easy as . . .

Questions on how the program works:

Q: How does a new family schedule a shadow day or a visit?
A: Scheduling a day is easy! Submit the request here.

Q: Where do I find the referral form?
A: Complete the form before new family enrolls or within seven (7) days following their enrollment.
     Submit referral here 

Q: If I referred a student prior to December 31, 2020, do my credits still apply? 
A: Yes! Nothing will change for your family or the family you referred. 

Q: Does the discount apply to more than one student in our family? 
A: Yes! Your family will receive a 10% credit with your oldest student for one year. If the oldest is at a $500 tuition threshold, any additional new student credits will be applied to the second oldest.

Q: Will the family we are referring receive a discount?
A: Yes! If you have filled out the referral form before their enrollment or within seven (7) days following their enrollment, they will receive 10% credit off each student enrolled, for three (3) consecutive years enrolled at MACS. All students will pay no less than $500 per year. 

Q: Who is considered a "new family"?
A: Any family with a student currently not enrolled at a Catholic school and who enroll their student full time with MACS.

Q: When will I receive the credit on my tuition?
A: Referral credit will be awarded to the referring family and the new family at the completion of the enrollment of both families, by the beginning of the school year. 

Q: Is there a deadline to refer a family? 
A: Yes. Refer a new family for the upcoming school year before August 31.

Q: If I refer a family after the school year has started and the new family decides to enroll anytime during that same school year, will we still receive a credit?
A: Yes! However, the credit will be applied to the following school year tuition statement.