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Referral Program

We recognize you, our current MACS families, are often our biggest cheerleaders. To thank you for referring new families to MACS, we are implementing a Student Referral Program.

For every new student you successfully refer, your student and the new student may receive a 25% student tuition credit off their tuition.
It's as easy as . . .

Questions on how the program works:

Q: How does a new family schedule a shadow day or a visit?
A: Scheduling a day is easy! Submit the request here.

Q: Where do I find the referral form?
A: Fill out the form for an electronic submission here OR download and print out a paper form here, complete the form before new family enrolls or within seven (7) days following their enrollment, and return to the MACS Central Office.

Q: Does the discount apply to more than one student in our family? 
A: Yes! Your family may receive a 25% credit with your oldest student. If there is more than one new student an additional 25% credit is applied. The credits will remain on your student's net tuition the entire time the new student remains in MACS. All students will pay no less than $500 per year. 

Q: Will the family we are referring receive a discount?
A: Yes! Once the new family's student has been accepted and enrolled they will receive 25% off their net tuition as well during the entire time the student is enrolled at MACS.
All students will pay no less than $500 per year. 

Q: Who is considered a "new family"?
A: Any family with a student currently not enrolled at a Catholic school and who enroll their student full time with MACS.

Q: When will I receive the credit on my tuition?
A: Referral credit will be awarded to the referring family and the new family at the completion of the enrollment of both families, by the beginning of the school year. 

Q: Is there a deadline to refer a family? 
A: Yes. Refer a new family before August 31.

Q: If I refer a family after the school year has started and the new family decides to enroll anytime during that same school year, will we still receive a credit?
A: Yes. However, the credit will be applied to the following school year tuition statement.