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MACS Strategic Plan


Focus - Steeped in the Catholic tradition (MACS) ensures, with the support of our parents, a safe learning environment in which all people flourish intellectually, socially, and emotionally in Christ.
Goal - MACS has an approach to education that is illuminated by the unity of truth and harmony of faith and reason, and by announcing the mystery of salvation across curricula. Our parents are well informed of their crucial role as the primary educators for their child’s success and faith formation, and in collaboration with students and staff, continue to form a communion of persons that shares in the life and the mission of the Church both domestically and globally.
Goal - MACS has the resources, time, and support of a viable core curriculum, including religion, to ensure that students have determined their vocational call and are college and career ready.

Focus - MACS has a 10 percent increase enrollment in five years through marketing with retaining 95 percent, or higher, of students from year to year.
Goal - MACS has an exemplary marketing effort which enables people to be aware of who we are and of our commitment to our Catholic faith and our community.
Goal - With the help of marketing, people are aware of what makes MACS stand out from other schools.
Goal - One of the key elements of the success at MACS is our exemplary parent leadership that serves as an integral part of student enrollment and retention.

Focus - MACS are strategic about their fiscal resources to ensure safe, healthy and innovative learning environments in which our students receive a quality Catholic education.
Goal - We will work to have a long-range plan for all campuses that includes technology and alignment to mission and vision.


Focus - The leadership of MACS is vibrant and upholds the integrity of the tradition of excellence and the Catholic faith.
Goal - The Education Commission effectively assists the leadership in the governance of the school providing assurances that MACS engages a systematic, inclusive, and comprehensive process to review, revise, and communicate a clear purpose for students, staff, and community success. Through their role in providing guidance to MACS by hiring a president, they secure future leaders who pursue the Vision - Mission of the McDonell Area Catholic Schools.

Focus - MACS will recruit and retain highly qualified employees that exemplify strong leadership and who are committed to grow in excellence in the vision and mission of our Catholic schools.
Goal - Through formal and informal supervision and evaluation practices, MACS staff continue to grow in professional excellence to ensure a viable school system and student success. To accomplish this, leadership develops, mentors, and supports an employee from the initial contact and then consistently throughout their employment.
Goal - Comprehensive benefit packages offered to employees that encompass wages and benefits that are commensurate.

Our Vision
MACS will be a beacon of faith, hope, and love by inspiring each student to embrace his or her identity as a beloved son or daughter of God, while discovering and developing their unique gifts.
We will immerse students and families in an authentic Catholic culture which fosters love of truth, beauty, and goodness. We will challenge all students to pursue academic excellence, critical thinking, and intellectual inquiry.
We will prepare McDonell graduates to be a transforming force within society, sharing the Gospel and working for the common good as productive, virtuous citizens.

Our Mission
Centered on Jesus Christ and His Church, we partner with families to nurture young people’s spiritual, intellectual, physical, and moral formation through a PreK-12 Catholic liberal arts education and vibrant student life of discipleship, athletics, and the arts.

Our Core Values
Faith, honor, academic excellence, healthy living, community, and servant leadership